Saturday - Clam Strips

Fresh clam strips, breaded and fried to perfection.

Served with your choice of  fries, old bay chips, or cole slaw.


Drink Special - $5.00 rum and coke

Friday - Fried Oysters

Eight ounces of fried oysters served with your choice of  French fries or coleslaw.


Drink Special - $2.50 Bud light draft

Thursday - Steamed Shrimp

Minimum order of two dozen to start. You can order by the dozen after that.

Tossed in old bay and served with cocktail sauce.

$ .45 each ($10.80 per order of the first two dozen)

Drink Special - $6.00 Mermaid martini

Wednesday - Wings

10 wing order. Your choice of buffalo, barbeque, teriyaki, honey pepper or old bay.

$ .75 each ($7.50 per order)

Drink Special - $2.75 Yuengling draft

Tuesday - Tacos

Hard shell beef tacos with cheddar cheese,  fresh salsa and sour cream.

$1.00 each

Drink Special - $5.00 Margarita

Monday - Prime Rib

Eight ounce cut served your way with mashed potatoes and broccoli


Drink Special - $4.50 Smoking Loon  Merlot

Sunday - Fried Shrimp Basket

Eight large North Carolina fried shrimp served with your choice of  french fries, coleslaw or Old Bay chips


Drink Special - $5.00 Bloody Mary

Great specials everyday of the week!